Monday, April 18, 2011

So much to tell...

We have had a crazy several weeks! I will try to catch up all the happenings of our family, such as our trip to South Carolina and an amazing church called Pretty Place, our adventures of moving into my mom's basement apartment, and also the Father Daughter dessert bake off... but all of that will have to wait!

We are currently in Spencer, Ohio for MTS (Missionary Training School) through Good Shepherd Baptist Missions. Our attending this week was completely orchestrated by the hand of God, and believe it or not was made EASIER as a result of us losing our transmission. I know, "HOW?!" but just believe me, it is true. Ask me sometime, I will be glad to give you details!

Anyhow, it is a week long school for missionaries and their children just beginning or in the midst of deputation. There are pastors and speakers with experience and expertise in every facet of ministry, and their combined years of service nearly equal Methuselah's age. We are scheduled to learn everything from Holy Ghost power in ministry, financial planning, goal setting to how not to shoot ourselves in the foot... ministerially speaking! There is a full class schedule from 8 am through 5 pm, and after today, which was Day One... I am SO GLAD the Lord directed us to this school!

Just last night Dan and I found ourselves in a "discussion" and in the very middle of it he said, "THIS is spiritual warfare!" We were going down a path of division and argument over absolutely nothing, and I was so thankful that Dan heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and spoke OUTLOUD that this wasn't going to continue!

The very first session was on the Holy Ghost, and how when we neglect and disregard His leading in our lives what may look like a well oiled machine that looks productive to this world is AbSoLuTeLy 100% ineffective for things of God. Busy for the sake of being busy is NOT what our goal is! If it is not profitable for the Kingdom in some way, WHY do it?! What a perfect foundation to start this week!

I will be sure to make good notes and journal this adventure. Our children are participating in a conference of their own while we are in sessions as well, and I am excited to see where the Lord may take them... if they allow Him to. I am buckling in for an exciting ride!
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sounds like a great time - take copious notes!! -- Kevin