Sunday, March 20, 2011

Total Fluff and Fonts...

I Love Fonts! I know... some of you are wondering what I could possibly mean, and why Do I Care about them?! But many years ago, I was turned on to fonts by my lovely daughter Olivia and her bud K8. I have googled them ever since and found some great sites that offer free fonts in every shape and size. I wish I could show them all to you, but that would not be possible!

So I have tried to take my most favorite ones, and put them here for you... with the name of the font for you to google and get the file should you love it too!   Maybe not as easy to read but at least you will get an idea of them...! You can click the image and it will let you magnify it if you want!  

Like I said, all of these have been FREE on the web. Just download and install in your system font file. Super easy on a mac, maybe a little trickier on a pc but IT CAN BE DONE! I have done it! So you know it is possible for even the most basic user! :)

I just love this font though. Whenever I do any graphics it is one of my first GOTO choices. If you look around at graphics, it is actually pretty popular out there as well. 

But just by switching up the font choice, I think the mood of the message actually changes. Like you would have a very HARD time believing me if I told you I was struggling with depression if I wrote it in this font! 

Maybe you would be more likely to believe me in this one though!! 

And I could say just about any mean thing to you with this font, and you would leave feeling happy inside just because! 

This is perfect for that party invitation for the kiddo's birthday party, don'tcha think?!

And this is just a cool casual note on a little post it for that special someone just to say Hey! Been thinking of you!! 

Merry Christmas looks all the more dreamy and magical with stars surrounding it! Used this one on my card this year! :) 

If I could get myself to write like this all the time, I think I would write notes more often. You?
Or I would even if my penmanship resembled this one. Neat, a definite righty slant... I like it! 
this one is just crazy. Fun, but Crazy! \

I LOVE THE Scrolls And Grunge Of This Font. Whenever I have Used It, I Often Erase Alot Of the Craziness Around the Letters To Clean It Up A Little. Only The CAPITOLS HAVE ALL OF THE SCROLLS THOUGH> COOL HUH? 

This is perfect if you digitally scrapbook. Think of all the hours saved!! If only we could get paid for saved time! 

And I also appreciate a good chisel font. It is perhaps the most difficult thing to get really right by hand, so THIS is perfecto! 

So now you know what I do in my spare time! I love a blog called Kevin and Amanda, and they have a bunch of FREE FONTS here...

They will even make a submitted selection of handwriting into a font if you think it os "font worthy"! I know someone whom I would like to get to submit her handwriting to them. Perhaps I will suggest she do just that! 

Another really cool site...

Just google free fonts and search away! Warning... make sure you don't have dinner cooking... it might get burned because you will be so distracted! 

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