Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunset... Sunrise...

We are thoroughly enjoying our time while in Florida. The churches we have been a part of are wonderful and welcoming! The weather has been stellar... especially taking into consideration our alternative if we were home!

We also are a family that loves the outdoors, and when that includes sun, sand and surf... all the better!

Before we left Largo we went to Madeira Beach and were treated to a beautiful sunset. We were meeting wonderful new friends (Joel and Kim and their guys) at The Candy Kitchen so we went a little early to catch the setting sun on the beach. It was BrIsK this particular evening, but we managed Just Fine!
 I just kept taking a picture every minute... it is shocking how quickly it just disappears once it has hit the horizon!
 The gulls and sand pipers were getting their last meal of the evening...
 I love the double glare off the sun and the bit of water on the shore.
 Here is Siah braving the cold wind and brisk water. The sun is a ball of glowing gold... so pretty!
The last peek of the night. It was actually quite hazy which made it quite etherial. 

Then we went to Daytona, which meant if we wanted to catch the sun on the waters edge... we had to get up early! Thankful for the time change to standard time, which meant sunrise at 7:31. Whew! Not TOO early! 

We went to 5th Avenue public beach access... not very romantic sounding but free parking! 
 We actually got there at 7:15 so we had several minutes to wait for this bitty sliver to show up...
 Dan had his devo all planned out for the fam. He is good like that! :)
 The guys doing... I don't know... what guys do! Muscles are always involved though.
Lookin, lookin, lookin...
 I should have done my hair... who knew the guys would be so thoughtful to take a picture of us :) 

 You know I dont see the sunrise alot... especially over water. I am still amazed at how quickly it just moves up the sky. 
 Daddy snuggling Vannah... she was very cold even with the blanket wrapped around her :)
 Almost ready to light the whole sky...
And it is up! It is neat to be on a peninsula where we can see the Sunrise and Sunset in just a few days! Quite a gift of beauty we are treated to... twice a day! 

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