Saturday, March 12, 2011

If we were doing Deputation in the 50's...

This would surely be my vehicle of choice!! I am not even sure they DID deputation in the 50's! 
While we were at New Testament BC there was a car show held in the church parking lot. There were over 40 cars from the area all ranging from a new 2011 California something or other Mustang. It was pretty and rare etc. Blah blah blah. Then there was a car I had never heard of called a Noble. It was cute. 
But this 'Ol Suburban was amazing! There was three of them there like this one; two brown and cream, and then this one. They also had a Suburban panel truck! Talk about one of the first SUV's ever. I had fun with some PW actions on it. This one was called "fresh and colorful". 
This is "PDub's B&W". Looks quite a bit more appropriate in black and white considering it is nearly 70 years old.
And this is called "Vintage" action. SO COOL! I will post some pictures of the cars all my boys were drooling over and coveting. They were crazy horse power and such. One truck was over 100 hp, and the owner had never even gotten close to the potential of it. There were others that had OVER $70,000 in MODIFICATIONS!!! That is unbelievable! And crazy thing... that was not their only vehicle like it! Wow! Talk about not knowing what to do with your money! I guess if it makes them happy.

Sadly, they will surely regret it one millisecond after death. Oh that we will all live to lay up treasure in Heaven! May I live that way each day!
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