Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Wisdom of God...

I am listening to a series on wisdom. It is wonderful, and over 24 sessions, and I am barely on the third. But, I have been struck with a truth that I had not thought of in this light ever before.

Truly there are gifts from God freely offered to all people, whether they acknowledge God as the giver of them or not.

Every living human being is born with breath. A gift from God.
Every mother who bears a child has been given a gift from God.
Every person who has health, a job, family, friends, just naming a few things...  has received them as a gift from God.

And God will allow them to have those things whether or not they ever acknowledge him, thank him, praise him, or ever even think about him. These things have been offered on the open hand of God to be taken and run with, and if so chosen, one need never look back. Truly their end will be a horrible one,  but it is still true.

Wisdom, however, is not one of those things. If one seeks Godly wisdom, it must be searched for, prayed for, diligently pursued. Wisdom is available, but one must enter into the closed and protective hand of God that holds wisdom. He does not place it our there for anyone to casually or carelessly take it. One will not receive Godly wisdom until they acknowledge who it is they are asking it from (Psalm 111:10). God gives it liberally to those who ask for it (James 1:5).

Daniel 5:14 I have heard of thee, that the spirit of the gods is in thee, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom is found in thee.

Daniel had something that Nebuchadnezzar "heard" was wisdom. He had no idea of the God from whom Daniel received it, but he surely did learn. I love that passage, for even though Daniel did not know the interpretation of the Kings dream, he knew who did and committed - under penalty of death if he did not deliver - that he would tell the interpretation. And he did!

That same kind of wisdom is available to me if I truly seek after it as for hidden treasure, priceless rubies, and precious gold. Also, I must be willing to abide in the hand of the Almighty that possesses all wisdom, for this treasure is not something just available for the taking. I must recognize God, acknowledge my lack, refuse to stand on human intellect, and passionately pursue it.

I am thankful for this study, and so excited to learn more of what he is going to teach me!!


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