Monday, May 19, 2008

Mission Monday...

These are just some thoughts -well pre-thoughts really- I have regarding deputation. Now mind you, we are still a year+ away from actually starting this part on the road to the field, but it is still something I think about!
As a relatively large family fairly mainstreamed in the American culture, we are busy. There have been times at the table that we all, including Savannah, have made comments about how we seldom all sit down to a meal together. Some have even suggested we mark the calendar at such times as it is so rare! Very.Sad.

Regularly we will have two cars at the same event. Not because we don't all fit in one car! We seldom are at the same place to begin the journey! Whether going to church, or a ball game, or to dinner, or to a friends for a visit, we often will "meet up" at the decided location. I am sure on more than one occasion observers have wondered about the state of our wedded bliss. "Man, they can't even stand a car ride together...!" Ha!

It seems a regular thing to compete for time with my family. Between work, school, teen activities, ball games, birthday parties, dentist appointments, babysitting, ... need I continue this inexhaustive list? ... there seems no time to have real quality family time! I know the "experts" -whoever they are- say quality is better than quantity... but I am of the opinion they have never really been in a functioning family! Time- of any kind- requires one fundamental ingredient... TIME!

So now that I have explained a few situations our family finds itself in, you can better understand one thought in particular I have regarding deputation. I am looking forward to forced, concentrated, uninterrupted, days and days on end, uncompeted for, uncontested and exhausting time with my family. I realize I may have a very different take on it while in the midst of it all, but for now, I plan to enjoy the anticipation!

It would be nice to see a lot of these signs along the road, too! Would this be a POI on a GPS? :)


Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

I suggest that you begin your journey in South MS with appointments at churches that are within a 1-2 hours of BEAMS. We'll have two comfortable rooms, side by side, with a kitchen and laudry waiting for you. And of course our "family" will be there to help with the transition. You might even travel out a little farther for a short time and then return again to catch the appointments you missed the first time in our area. Get those church directories out and make the list and start praying about it now. To search distance type in 15444 Duckworth Road, Gulfport, MS 39503.

Why wait a year, come see us for a few days now! Warning, July and August are very humid months. Have you visited our website Check out the progress on our new warehouse. God is doing awesome things, come see for yourself.

Kevin P said...

I believe that type of writing is called foreshadowing... ;)