Thursday, May 8, 2008

How does one say "Good Bye" in Greek?


It is OVER!!! The final for Dan's fourth and LAST semester of Greek was last night, and I feel he is so glad! ONE SEMESTER of NSBI TO GO!!! He tells me it is more like 1 1/2, but I am unable to accept that right now, so one it is! He seems to think his thesis and other classes called "Church Administration" and "street preaching" will constitute another semester! Whatever!! :)


In celebration, I wanted to make something Greek and desserty for the class. I looked over at Juliemom's for a recipe for Baklava but I couldn't find one. (my extent of knowledge of something Greek and sweet!) After a google moment, I tried my skill at Phyllo dough, and would have posted a "picture by picture" of my first time using it and making Baklava, but I was too ashamed at all my broken sheets and messy counters! I was in such huge rush to get this finished before the Greek final that I neglected to allot the full "two hours at room temperature before unrolling". note** 10 minutes is NOT.EVEN.CLOSE. to enough time!** Needless to say, I was VERY thankful for the globs of nuts and butter and cinnamon and butter (did I already say that? It was ALOT of butter!) that successfully adhered all of the two inch strips of Phyllo! I was told it was the best some had ever tasted! (Thanks :) Sweetie!) Now that I know a good portion of what NOT to do with that enigmatic dough, I think I'll try Julie's dinner recipe next!

ps- if you want a Baklava recipe, this one is great! Nearly fool proof!


Kevin P said...

Congratulations Jan, or, um - yea I mean Dan!

Michael & Erika Barone said...

Yeah! I remember the feeling! Congrats to you both!

JulieMom said...

Good for you!!

*hint with the phyllo*
When I am preheating the oven, I set the box of pyllo on top. It usually thaws in half an hour or so.

Mr. Young said...

Oh Yes! That Baklava was sooo delicious. I mean can anything with that much butter really taste bad? Really though it was great. A very thoughful end to four horrible semesters of Greek.

Anonymous said...

this site is weird i hate it!!!!

Anonymous said...

shut up people you dont know what you are talking about!!! HAHA!!!