Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God will use ANYTHING!!!

If you don't think God is working in your life, you just have to start keeping a diary of the smallest, seemingly most insignificant things in your life. Because chances are, you are missing all of the good stuff that God is doing in you're life all around you by chalking it up to coincidence, chance, or you just plain don't remember!

So remember this post where I talked about my washer?

Well I got a call this morning (only 4 days later!) from my friend Kelly, who was one of the ladies that comprised my "company" a few nights ago. And you know what she asked? If I could do her a HUGE favor and let her use my washer.


You see, her washer is over 14 years old, and just happened to break today. Yeah. Weird.

Want to know what I thought? Thank You God for letting my machine be clean! :)

I called it neurosis. God calls it preparation!


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