Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Chains are GONE!

This is a song that I will be using with about 20 FBBC teens at the Teens Involved (TI) event with Word of Life. It is a great song with amazing lyrics, re-written and arranged for the movie "Amazing Grace". Never thought the original could be made better, but I do like this!

At TI this will be accompanied by 2 violinists, a flutist, pianist, as well as vocals. It will be visually impactful with about 15 students doing sign language. Pray for the event, the ministry we can accomplish with this, and the students I will be working with. I am neither a music major nor fluent in Sign, so this is all God's, for sure! There will be no chance I could take any credit if it is awesome. (If it bombs, then yep... all ME!) I hope to video the Finished project, and will post it here if I do ;D !

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