Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's Hunting Season!

I love venison! My children love venison. My husband is a hunter.

This sounds like a great working relationship. It's all about supply and demand.

And, thanks to the tireless efforts of my husband and two of my sons, we have a freezer full.

The only problem... this is what it is full of!

Needless to say, only my hubby and this Field and Stream caliber fisherman are eating well these days! It was a nice catch! 14 lbs and 35" long. Pretty good for the equipment he had to use.

While at lower falls here in our great city, there was a professional there who works for ESPN, and he had a bunch of "special recipe" Salmon eggs. (hmmm, should I include them on my Thanksgiving table?) Micah had no problem going right up to him and striking up conversation. The man asked how he was lucky enough to be fishing on a Thursday morning when all other kids were in school, and M. said this was a field trip with his dad and that we home school! It turned out the man was a Christian, and was very generous with his special recipe bait. Micah hooked on a glob of eggs, and with his "Mickey Mouse" pole (that is what Mr. ESPN called it!) and 20 lb test (sounded good to me, but again Mr. ESPN informed him that was WAY TOO HEAVY...!) proceeded to reel in this beauty! (again Mr. ESPN's title... definitely not mine!)

Salmon are some of the ugliest fish in the world! They have teeth that look like they were transplanted from a shark- much better suited for survival in the great Ocean of Life, and not the rinky dink streams they find themselves in! Now to be fair, they do quite well in those huge rivers, too! I think when they are muscling their way upstream they are just chomping all the water up and that propels them forward!

Anyhow, I am putting out a plea. If anyone out there in blogdom has a surplus of venison... I would be glad to take it off your hands!


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hi Janice,

Wow, and we are proud of our 6 lb catfish in the local pond...! Not a venison fan here, but salmon is about the only fish I care for. How much is shipping to TX?

Sorry it took me so long to come visit you here. What a blessing to "meet" your precious family! I am excited about your plans for missions - how awesome! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more - especially if you can give me more hints on taking the pain out of grocery shopping! =)


Victoria said...

Cool pic! Um, if we have an over-abundance of venison, I'll let you know. But, as it's been at least 15 years since my darling hubby has shot a deer, it's not looking very promising for either of us!