Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fall as a Soccer Mom!

So will soon begin another season of Soccer!
We are a very busy family come the fall, but I cannot say I don't love it! Between the "Rapids" and "Happy 5", I pretty much live on a grassy, wet, or muddy field for two months! Its great!
The kids are a fun bunch of players, and I really enjoy the few hours of down time for each game. I forget how much I really like to yell and root for the Home Team! We bought S. a set of pompoms, and she acts as the lone cheerleader. She takes the job very seriously and often continues the "Go Rapids" chant well and long after we are home... OK so there are some down points!

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JulieMom said...

Janice!! Why didn't you tell me you had a blog? Finally you comment on mine...lurker! Love the prayer card thingy...and the flowers. Hope you're havin' a great day. Oh, and for that post, I obviously didn't read the whole list. :0)