Monday, August 20, 2007


Have you ever gone to a wedding and seen a father and a little daughter dancing? There is the precious sight of her little feet on his, and his huge hands holding hers. Even though he is so much bigger, his tenderness is evident as she rests her head on his side in complete trust. She doesn't dare lean away from him- for sure she would fall! And while she feels like she is really dancing, it is Daddy that is doing all the work- making all of the decisions- guiding all the steps.

She holds his hands, leans on his side, and dances on his feet.

This is how I am to be with Jesus. I need to hold on, lean in, and stay close. If I don't- surely I will fall.

"The nails in your hands, the nails in your feet-
They tell me how much you love me..."

Guidance... G - U - I - Dance. "God, You and I"

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jen said...

sweet, sweet, thought.