Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee... No flavors, just strong and with a little half n half. Easy, right? Back to that not high maintenance thing. :)

I don't like nuts. I am not southern. But this coffee.... I LoVe it!!
We are in KC,MO, and while at the local Price Chopper I just happened to see it and scooped it up figuring Dan will drink it! So I got home, brewed it a little stronger than usual (notice the dot closer to the "light" side on the little gauge at the bottom??) and I can honestly say it is one of the first flavored coffees I actually like!! Now it is 5:20 pm where I am. Tastes a little like a dessert, so I am not too sure of this could be my morning joe, but hey! This is a good thing!! I hope that I can begin to enjoy it with less and less creamer. The day I can drink black coffee is the day I will truly feel like a grown up :)

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Brian said...

I think you should send some to your supporting churches so we better understand how to properly pray for your comfort and peace of mind while on deputation. Especially after Dan made me drink that blueberry coconut poison. Just sayin'.

Tee hee.