Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chipotle to Chipata...!

Hands down, Chipotle is my favorite restaurant. I am not high maintenance, and this definitely proves it!

Fresh, the way I want it, and enough for two meals... what more could I ask for??!

How about one in Chipata!???

Likely it won't be happening anytime soon, for so many reasons. I have been compiling internet recipes for many of my favorite things that I conveniently buy is America from a mix. I am learning what cumin, cilantro, thyme and cardamon are, and when and how to use them. YUm!! This has really expanded my "just throw it together and see what you get" cooking style!
So, in my efforts to learn all things Chipotle so that I can recreate my favorite restaurant in Zambia at my own kitchen table, I have found this GeM of a site!! ChipotleFan  Oh MY!! Everything I could want... all in one place!

Everything from the meat recipes to the salsas, and even the lettuce and sour cream... which in my opinion are so obvious, right?! In any event, we are having company while here in KC, MO, on Thursday night (wow! Being a hostess while on deputation is certainly a FIRST for me!! ) (Except the time we had friends in the camper for Keurig coffee one night...) (So would this be the second time??!)

Anyhow, I am excited to try all of these things for our friends! WooHoo!! :)
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Katie said...

We were absolutely blessed to meet your precious family at church this weekend at the Missions Conference at Lifegate. THANK you so much for the challenge, the encouragement, the conviction...your testimony and story truly opened our eyes to what we are to be doing fully for the Lord, without reservation or hesitation. My hubby and I had an interesting conversation on the way home from church tonight, and we are praying seriously about what the Lord is calling us to do! We want to obey and walk completely by faith and not by sight! Thank you for such timely inspiration in our lives!

Had to come check out your website and lovely blog ~ I can tell just by a few posts I've read, that we have a lot in common....not to mention our mutual affinity for Chipotle and coffee. =)

Well, our family will be praying for yours and will look forward to reading updates. Congratulations to your oldest on his upcoming graduation ~ all of your family was a joy to meet! Above all, thank you for loving our Lord and for your service and inspiration!!!

In Christ,
Katie & Del & Family

Kevin P said...

maybe there will be a Chipotle coming to Chipata some time soon!! you never know - our little "bush" city is always growing!