Thursday, May 3, 2012

God Works in the Wire(less)

I had written a post yesterday, and while I truly wanted to publish it, I delayed. For many reasons, but mostly for the sole reason of I truly wanted to know if I should put it out there on the www. It had nothing bad, but it may have had the possibility for some to read "into" it if they should choose. While that was not the intention,  I realized there was that possibility.
So I delayed. And saved it. And prayed about it.

And today... it is all gone. Deleted. Vanished.

I have been on blogger for nearly 5 years, and that has never once happened to me. Not once!

I can only conclude... The Lord answered. And it was NO. Wow! I wish all of the time the answer was that clear!

Thankful for the obedience to delay... so the LORD could act. Maybe that has been my problem all along. I rush ahead of the LORD and figure "I got this one", and all the while he is waiting for me to LET HIM BE GOD. I think there is a word for that, and it may start with a pat... and end with ience... but I am not specifically praying for that...! I think he teaches us that without us asking for it.

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