Friday, January 14, 2011

Last View of the NY Snow...

As I begin this cold friday in January... I look out my kitchen window to this sight. 
 The camper is mostly packed and ready for departure tomorrow. All except my (and Dan's) clothes. And some food. And camping chairs and hoses and... OK... it is half way packed! Either way, we have never had to get a camper ready with nearly a foot of snow on the ground! It is freezing as we trudge in and out for load after load, and who can think properly to prepare for up to a 70 degree shift in temperature over the next three days, but still be ready for the potentially cooler southern temps? I know we will bring too much of some unneeded things, and each have at least one item that we will be So Sorry we didn't bring. All in all, I think we will make do just fine. I mean really, we have in that one camper more than some people own altogether!
Dan and Levi took advantage of a beautiful, cold, moonlit winter night last night. At midnight, no less. They got out the x-country skiis and took off into the great outdoors. They saw no less than 30 deer, which of course were nowhere to be found a few weeks ago during hunting season. Now no one is happy as they are starving while foraging for the last remnants of food to be found in this freezing winter wonderland when they could have at least made us happy and been in our freezer making us fat and happy. Oh well. 

 Hello Levi! You sure do look cold!

These are some things we won't have many opportunities to do in Zambia, ya think??! Get 'em while you can!
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