Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just made some small changes...

Or huge ones!

As it turns out the boredom of waiting a week for our transmission to be replaced... ("What?" you say?? don't know about the transmission? Oh yeah... call it a coping mechanism/skill ... I tend to block traumatic experiences!) ... OK... here is the scoop on the tranny.

We drove our van three times with our new camper all hitched up and pretty... and the fourth time the transmission decided it had had enough of that big lug of a camper dragging it down. So it melted. Not all of it, only reverse and 2nd gear which my carpenter-neighbor and friendly-mechanic tell me go together.  Turns out that those are pretty important gears. Who knew?!  Thankfully we still had a few "forward" gears, and we were actually able to drive it back to Rochester- sans Hornet hooked on- for a whole new super-duper transmission. The new one has something about temp gauges and a torque-transporter-inverter-gear-shaft-drive-mechanism gizmo. Whatever- it isn't even greek to me because I never learned any of those words in class. It should be very pretty strong though.

In an effort to always try to learn something from every experience, I will share the few things I learned through this one.

  1. Buffalo is VeRy CoLd in the winter, particularly in a camper in an open field in Mid January. 
  2. We like service stations next to malls. A new criteria for me when I choose one. 
  3. I need to be extra careful the next time we abandon our fully supplied camper. 
  4. We left two cases of pop under the bench seat of the table. 
  5. Pop has a tendency to ExPloDe when it is frozen. 
  6. It is VeRy CoLd in Buffalo. 
  7. I need to learn what effectively removes pop from carpet. 
OK. Now on to the real topic of the post... Changes! 

The picture above was taken tonight at 10:25 pm. See the clock? :) 
Notice the empty cupboards behind my son, and the boxes on the table, and the trash all over the floor? Only one thing could account for all of that mess. We are MoVinG OUT! 

I think we are certifiable now. For what I am not quite certain, but this must clearly fall under some clinical diagnosis of some kind somewhere. 

We are putting the greater portion of the contents of our home in a storage unit until April when we will (allegedly) return to Rochester. We will then move into an in-law apartment  (Thanks Mommy!) unless another house becomes available within our price range. Our preferable range is between free and $0.00... know anywhere like that?! Please call if you do!  

Toters, boxes, tape, markers, paper, cute moving men... we got it all! (It is an all "in-house" job so I can say that!) I am hoping to be done with my portion of the move by friday so I will be able to attend our church's ladies' retreat. If everything (but the garage) is set... I can go. I was up at 5 today, and I am just sitting down now for the first time.  One more day like this and I think Friday will be a done deal! I may be unconscious for the entire retreat, but at least I will be there! :) If you happen to be bored and live near, stop by and I will treat you to a highly caffeinated beverage and we can crank out some boxes together! If you can't for whatever reason, I would appreciate any prayers for sanity strength! 

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Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

Oh Jan, it stresses me just to look at the picture. I will be praying for are my hero! Just that much closer to Zambia!