Saturday, June 26, 2010

As we drive these many miles, the temptation is to worry about things beyond my control. The fact that we hit two of three deer that crossed our path just a few weeks ago I am sure is a bit of a catalyst of the thoughts, but I am not a worrier in general so these thoughts catch me a little off guard.
While we travel, we listen to many of our favorite preachers on our iPods. It is a great way to keep connected to our home church services, but it tends to be a little difficult to "go to the alter" after a particularly convicting message. I just relistened to a message on redeeming the time, and this point stood out to me. "The only way to save time is to spend it wisely." Truly time cannot be stopped or socked away like pennies to be retrieved on an exceptionally busy day. Time marches on, and I will have no recall of it once it has passed. The best course of action is planned and meaningful use of it.
So back to the initial topic...Instead of worrying...I will pray the deer stay away!

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