Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Prose on The Garden

I have a little garden
behind my little home, 
and I love this little patch of dirt, 
with little plants and seeds we've sown. 
Little squash and wire-y beans, 
a tomato plant or two, 
and when I tend it, I seem to smile, 
though there is a secret I will share with you.
When August comes, and the fruit is ripe, 
bending stick and stem with weight,
we will be gone - not a one will we eat... 
Our planning was not so great.
So when we once again travel the southern route, 
please feel free - if you are anywhere near or far, 
to help yourself to the bountiful harvest, 
Just let us know how they are! 



jen said...

you make me laugh!! Hope you have plenty of people to raid your garden! I did the same thing…planted a bunch of herbs, started some tomatoes & peppers…and then gave them all away last week since they can't make the trip with us!

Victoria said...

I wish I had known - it would have saved me the agony of planting our own garden! Yes, I'm a farmer's wife & I hate to garden. There, I said it. :)