Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some insights into Deputatin'...

Yes, we have spent a good amount of time in the south as of late. And along with spelling the title to this post as one would say it in the south, there have been other remnants of each trip. Some I enjoy, others not so much.

Good news or bad news first? Bad? OK. You are like me and like to just get it over with!

The first under the "not so much" category- this nagging back ache from traveling umpteen miles completely strung together with only 15 minute breaks every 379 miles. That is almost FIVE hours of drving!!! Please, do not do the math. It is slightly over most speed limits- though some states post 70 mph! But back to the point... the seats in our 1998 Chevy van are absolutely shot. Combine that with having had five children- two of which were over ten pounds (read that as my tummy muscles are shot too!)  and my back barely stands a chance on plush and well supportive seats. I can walk now, which is much more than I was able to do for a few days while on the road!

Second on the bad list- the jet lag I feel even though I have crossed absolutely no time zones. I love to travel. It is the "drive til you drop" kind of thing I am referring to here.  Sadly, I am usually the loudest encourager to make it to the next rest stop! Self sabotage, I tell you!

OK. Enough of all that. On to the enjoyable parts!

I love spending copious amounts of time with my family.

I absolutely adore teenagers (sick as that sounds to some of you) and I have a full passel of them. They are witty, energetic, full if fresh perspective and joy in the craziest things, and best of all, can take themselves to the rest room. That, my friend, is a great BONUS!!!

I also love the interaction I witness between the boys  and Savannah. They really do love each other. While everyone may not see genuine care between siblings as they compare five stars and monkey bubbles, I truly do. When they take Savannah's treasures and spontaneously make a hide and seek game with them all, I know all of the screaming is from delight and the tears are of utter joy. I am learning it is mostly perspective. I choose to take the delusional optimistic point of view. They wont kill each other, of that I am certain relatively assured. And think of all the things they will talk about after they become well adjusted adults with families of their own. Some of the most hilarious evenings I have had as an adult were times spent with siblings of other families as they recounted the joys and terrors of growing up together. It is all about memories!!!

Another positive of deputation, after so much time spent together Dan is so close and connected with me,  the fact that my unpacked suitcase still lays on the floor in my bedroom is OK. We had a few long weeks! And we have only been home for two weeks. Well 17 days, but who is counting. He is so sweet and loving, I think he truly doesn't even see it from the glow about my radiant face as he basks in the love he has for me. I recommend deputation for every couple that needs to see their spouse in a new light. It truly is miraculous.

But seriously now. I have enjoyed all of the time with my family. I recognize it is perspective, and I am thankful the Lord is giving us this time together. That they are teenagers means I don't have a whole lot of time left with these punks, and treasuring each moment is high on my priority list.

I am a terrible journalizer, and this blog is the closest thing I have with regard to a permanent place to store all of these thoughts. And the beauty of it is, I dont get a cramped hand or freak out because my fine tipped red ball point pen is out of ink. Granted there is the possibility of a laptop crash or a no wifi zone, but we wont talk about those things!!! And actually, wifi dead zones are a good break every now and again!


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