Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as a *M.O.B. Continued...

I wrote a while ago about having sons, and the insanity joys they bring. Truly they are precious and gifts from above. At this writing, my oldest son (16 yrs old) is 5'11". The second (14.5 yrs old) is a full 6'- one inch taller and 7 lbs heavier than his older brother. The third (12 yrs old) is kindly staying below my eye level at 5' even. But he is threatening a growth spurt. His brothers did most of their growing when they were 12, so I am terrified prepared.

As they grow, I am pleased with many of the character traits I see developing. They are very nurturing, helpful, and in general really great guys. They love their sisters, and are very demonstrative of their love.

Savannah (7) now knows more x-box games proficiently than I knew existed. They call it bonding time. I call it "do anything to keep her out of my stuff". It is all in love though.
It is a neat thing to home school children with 11 years from oldest to youngest. It certainly brings many facets into the sibling experience. Growing up, there was only 5 years between me and my oldest sister, and I really felt like we were on two different planets.

Some of my kids best friends are their siblings, and I have to know it is because they are together. All the time. With no breaks. Ever. I exaggerate a little, but home schooling makes a family Very. Close.
Sometimes it can get to them. This is on the way to Mississippi last fall. Notice, if you cropped out Levi, he looks like there is not a thing wrong in the world. The fact that his brother is quickly losing consciousness has no affect on him whatsoever. And there is a smug, satisfied, cheshire-ish grin on Si's face. Almost like he is willing Levi to do his bidding for him. I love the way my cell phone caught the flailing feet. All in a days work...

And they share their stuff so willingly. Really. Savannah wasn't screaming the whole time this picture was taken. I never heard "MOM!!! He won't give me back my hat!!" Nope. Not once.

And a little adrenaline rush is just a given fact. She actually thrives on it! They can't go fast enough, long enough, or loud enough for her. Sometimes, I think they go faster-longer-louder because she is such a great encourager!
I really had to search to find a picture of Savannah and Micah together. The fact that she has him buried under a ton of rocks at low tide just as we were needing to leave is not significant at all. They love each other, and are very sweet together. Really.

I do love where they are all at right now though. I have thought this at each stage of parenting. Well except the infant stage. I have resigned myself to the fact that I was perhaps flawed during that time. That I basically endured the first 4 months of each of their lives is just a fact that I have come to accept as a complete testament to the mercies of God renewed every day. I look back and have almost no recollection of those days. Some call it post traumatic stress disorder. Others call it postpartum blues. I truly believe I just like people who can have some semblance of a schedule, and a communication ability beyond screaming for everything they want. Is that too much to ask?

But call it age or maturity, or a losing of my mental faculties... the other day I actually saw an infant and had the urge to ask if I could hold it. I suppressed it. But something tells me there will come a day...!!!

*Mother of Boys

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