Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh the Age in which we live!

As a child of the 70's and 80's, it may surprise none of you that growing up I had only the game "breakout" on my one game nintendo system. And I was cool with that. And I was good at it too, if I dont say so myself. Now mind you my family did NOT acquire this game until I was in 8th grade.

Also, our family got our first VCR-and it was HUGE!- the next year when I was in 9th. But we had no movies to play in it- only the home made tapes that were so skillfully and very NON-DIGITALLY recorded on the massive home video recorder. But watch them we did, and with such "we have arrived" attitudes in our hearts!

So pardon me if some things of today still amaze me. And crack me up.

My children- the very next generation- think all of this technology has always been there, and simply refuse to believe the statements made above, as well as others!

They forget that our family just entered the cell phone arena just over two years ago! They also forget that the computer on which I type is considered archaic in the realm of cutting edge technology! I only have 40g hard drive for crying out loud! (PLENTY for me!! )

But some of the funniest things are the things said and done by our Savannah. She is 5 going on 21, and I am not kidding! I have never claimed to have genius in my blood, so where her whit and intelligence come from is a mystery. But she has come up with some winners and I will share a few with you today. I know you are thrilled!

Last spring during our stay with the P's Dan was doing some NSBI home work on his computer. Savannah says, " Dad, are you laptopping?" Loved it, and it stuck! He now does laptopping all the time.

Recently, she found me on my cell phone, and she asks, "Mom, are you texting or saving a number into your contacts?" What?! How does she pick up on these things? The texting I will allow, but "saving into contacts"? She is truly on a higher intellect!

The topper was last night when we went to bed... VERY LATE I might add! She has yet to break the habit from Dan's long absence, and likes to snuggle on "his side" until he kicks her out a few minutes later. Last night as she jumped into bed, she grabbed her little "laptop-like" Barbie game. As she does, she says, "Mom, I need to check if Little Livvie left me an e-mail before I go to bed"!! OH MY! I dont even have a lap top, and Dan never does laptopping in bed... where do they come up with these things! I called for Olivia to take a pic on her cell phone so the quality is not great- but here she is!
You may notice her recent hair cut. Another of her higher thinking moments prompted the shearing. Her hair- while thick and beautiful, is NEVER up for long, and her feeble attempts to keep it out of her face-food-school- you name it!- only leave us both frustrated at the spaghetti, syrup, and blue marker that always end up in it! So she says, "Mom if you cut it, I can only get a little in my hair, because there wont be so much of it!" C.H.O.P.!! Works for me!

And not that you can see it very well in the picture, but she has a HUGE gap in the front of her teeth. Genetic. This one is my my gift to her. And was my Grandmothers gift to me! (I actually gave it to both my girls... how nice of me!) Anyhow, this gap is the result of a very thick "frenum" and will not close with the falling out of the baby and growing in of her adult teeth. I went back and forth with the decision to do anything about it. My mom chose to have an oral surgeon perform a "frenectomy" when I was 5, and I now have no gap. I also had no need of braces at all.

Olivia had the gap and at the advice of out orthodontist (read into that "job security") opted to try a retainer to close the gap. Needless to say- poor Liv has been in some sort of oral appliance since she was 8. Yeah, she is 17 now!! AND to make matters even better, she still had to have a frenectomy... LAST MONTH!!

So... I say all of that to say this. Savannah is having oral surgery tomorrow. Olivia has a great deal of sympathy for his little sis, as her memory of the whole ordeal is so very vivid and fresh! My memory of it, on the other hand, not so good! I only know I got a doll as a consolation prize. Which, by the way, I still have. Somewhere! So my plan is to down play the whole Novocaine-scalpel-stitches part and focus on a really fun present. Like an i-pod or something. Well, a toy one!

If you happen to think of her on Friday, please pray for her. I know this will not be pleasant no matter how you cut it. Pun not intended!


Dave said...

Hey, they didn't have Nintendo back then! Wasn't it Atari?

Oh I can be so evil with this one....

I remember the TRS-80 we had at NCA when I was in the 4th grade...

And I remember working on a 286 desktop computer at NCA with no windows or was only DOS. And it didn't have any colors on the screen. I don't even think it's hard drive was measured in megabytes....

Ironically, I just found the huge 5 1/4" floppy disk's for it while "organizing" upstairs to make room for my future wife's junk :)

As for the VCR...I still have one...and Jen and I watched these really creepy people from the 1980's on it.

Oh wait, Did you cross the prairie in a covered wagon?


Janice said...

I think you are right... it was an Atari! Breakout! Senility so young...

dan said...

Technology is great but it has its price. Like right now, I just spent 20 min. checking my e-mail just to if I needed to respond to anyone. How silly is that. We need the technology to stay up with the times but it is what keeps us up late and from doing other useful things. What's a 286?
Just kidding.

Victoria said...

We had Atari - Centipede was awesome.

Computer class at Northstar - I remember the incessant blinking square cursor - and the incessant teasing from the boys in class. No names mentioned. dave.

Seriously, I'll be praying for precious Savannah (whose haircut I LOVE!) tomorrow!

JulieMom said...

Poor Savannah! But I will pray for her.

And we had a Vic 20 and a Commodore 64 and 128.

And our modem used cassette tapes.

Wow. Now that's OLD. But I was a baby then. Yeah, that's it.

jen said...

hey, I had a Vic 20 & a Commodore 64 also! and we used to get this magazine with computer games in it that we had to type out in binary code so we could play them. How bizarre!!