Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is yours a Do or a Done?

I'm reading just a little book called "done", and it really brought some things to a clear focus.

I have long held the teasing joke that there are as many religions as there are breathing people on this planet. Over 6 billion ways to be good, love God, get to heaven. If it were left to us humans, we would all concoct a slightly different way to achieve a glorious place we would call Heaven. Some might agree a little more in some areas than others, and those we would refer to as fundamentalists. Or cults!

But in this little 100 page book, the author makes a statement that really there are only two types of religion in this world. The DO category contains all but the one classified in the DONE category.

Summing it up, in all other religions their mantra is, "what more do I have to do?" In their belief system there is always has a list of do this and do that. In the end followers are left asking the question..."Have I done enough?!"

In the one standing alone, the one true God has said, "What is required I have DONE." Out of love and a desire to know and please Him, I am left asking... "Lord what more can I do?!"

So the question stands. At the end of the day are you wondering have you done enough? Or are you resting in the finished work of the cross, and praising God-the Author and Finisher of your faith- for yet another day to do his glorious work?

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Good post :)
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