Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just another Look into A Day in My Life...

I warned Dan I was doing this, cut and paste yet another excerpt from a letter I wrote to him last night to tell of my day. It is so much easier than typing it all twice, and I am sure you would like to know how my day went while my man is many thousands of miles away. I am so glad he will be returning on Friday. If for no other reason than to try and secure the safety of his children!

and I quote...

"Hey! I dont think I am supposed to drive without you! After the soccer game tonight driving home through the city on 490w it looked like the hood of the car to the lane on my left FLEW OFF! It was a miracle it didn't fly into our our windshield! I am not sure what it actually was- just big and metal- but I did hit it with the left tires and prayed and prayed they would stay inflated! They did Thank You Jesus! And all of this was on the way home.

On the way there...

Some history first... to get to Jolie's it took 1/2 tank of gas... very impressive if you ask me. (well half tank on our gas gauge- not that it is ever accurate below half a tank... could have been nearly empty for all I really knew! But it said 16.4 gallons used in the digital gauge :) On the way home with a 140 mile detour because of my tom tom faux pas - and yes he is all better now that I charged him well! - we used the entire tank of gas... on the digital gauge 22.7 gallons. Yikes! But because the door was a mess I parked it in the garage since then, and figured since it is a 25 gallon tank I would have enough gas to get me to Henrietta to get the cheaper price at Sam's.


We ran out of gas... empty... sputter... coast as far as we possibly can... and made it partially on the Hylan drive exit ramp. Look immediately to the right, and there is Sams and those beautiful gas pumps right over one small gully-swamp, and one fairly high and very rusty fence. No fear. I have strong young soccer players ready to run to Sams for a gas can... none there so off they go to Pep boys. I 411'd information and pre empted their visit to them with a phone call so the guy saw them coming and had The Can ready. Very cute- holds 1.5 gallons and cost $10.00. ( !!! ) Then they RAN to the gas pumps - whom I called as well to tell of their arrival - 4 kids - Olivia, Katie from soccer team, Micah, Savannah (Dont ask! I put her over the fence thinking I would be going over next and then when I realized there was NO WAY I was going to make it over the fence- she took off with the ones who did...!) running to the Sams gas pumps through all the cars. In record time Micah ran it back to the fence, heaved it over the fence, and then was over in a split second. The rest ran back to the pump and waited for me to get there. WoW! It was great too because there were two abandoned construction cones that I could put behind my vehicle so the traffic would give me space while I put the gas in the tank. See, it isn't so bad living in construction zone heaven!!! We even made it to the game 20 minutes before it started!

Now that I have fairly secured the fact that you will never again leave me alone for any length of time- let me just say we are all doing really well. Really!!! "

I don't really know if it is wise to tell him all of the details of my days home while he is gone. I am fairly sure he will laugh about it ... a little while after he reads it. Probably. I hope.

Suffice it to say that if you choose to continue to read this little 'ol blog while we are on deputation, there is no limit to the things you may read here. "Abundantly above all we ask or think"... I wonder, what exactly does all that verse pertain to?!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Levi and Mr J :)
~orange girl

JulieMom said...

Well from personal experience I can tell you it includes flat tires, broken axles on the highway, loose tires that could have come off, broken transmissions...the list goes on. Whatever you need He knows WAY before hand and has everything ready when the time comes.

Isn't that awesome?

Oh yeah, and glad the guys are home! Did they have a nice time? :0)

Christina said...

God's provision is always so abundant! He never ceases to amaze me even in the "little" things He is always so "BIG!" Glad you all have another memory to cherish as well as another beautiful lesson of how His timing, His provision, His protection are all simply orchestrated by Him! Now--for the personal comment: I love being blessed by you and all of yours in my life. <3