Monday, February 18, 2008

Mission Monday...

When the Missionary is away...

The rest of us will paint!

This has been two weeks in the making as both last Monday and this were spent at the home of the Italy Bound folks.

Last week they were home working right beside us with rollers and brushes in hand.

This week, though, they are in NJ on deputation- hopefully finding many like-minded people who will be behind them in prayer and dollars to support them on the field. So... we broke out the back window, crawled in and vandalized the place real nice like! It was almost as if they expected us though. All the paint was there, and there were little labeled post-it notes on all the walls with corresponding numbers on them. It was so strange... ;)

They are finishing their basement, and it is neither an easy nor a quick process! I really loved being a blessing to them, and it was a great opportunity to have my kids as well as a few other teens from our church look outside their own four walls and help someone else.

It is also a bit of a pay-it-forward too. In 2006 when we were doing the basement apartment we were going to live in, other missionaries, both on furlough and deputation, helped us tremendously. It is so good to see the Lord give us an opportunity to now help out another family!
"The whole body fitly joined together"

And if I don't say so myself... it looks great as you can see for yourself! I am sure this is only a smidgen of how great it will look after the elegant hand of the talented Mrs. Italy gets to decorating it. But I think we can all see the potential! All these Tuscan colors.... hmmm, Wonder why they like them?!

Yes, this face is in reaction to "The Blue Pole". I told her they were going to leave it that color. Quite a discriminating taste already, I would have to say! (It will be painted... we just didn't get to it yet!)

Needless to say it was a great two "Mission Mondays"full of work and visible rewards for the efforts.

I am feeling about 60%, so that is good, too! I only can speak in low voice, and the kids love that! If I try to string a few sentences together, I get a terrible tickle in my throat that starts a coughing bout! I had to leave service last night- because I couldn't stop! ...Ironically it was immediately after Pastor T. put up the slide that said "Fasting- the Solution" on it. I guess the Lord knew all I needed and had me to leave right after so as to not overwhelm me! How good was that!


Michael & Erika Barone said...

A thousand thank you's

Anonymous said...

I love the Mission Monday :)
~orange girl

Kevin P said...

You guys are a blessing! I have a room that needs painting... can you bring the teens with you?

Anonymous said...

I'll help :) Can we paint it orange?
~orange girl

Janice said...

Well you have your first volunteer Kev! If you liked purple for so long, how bad could orange be!

Michael and Erika- you blew your well orchestrated cover! I am sure no one knew it was you until you posted your comment! ... You're welcome, but truly it was our pleasure! Safe journey back to frigid WNY!