Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Every Idle Word...

As I had the little break these past few days from blogland, I really began to weigh whether what I wanted to post was worth the energy and effort. (Being sick and all makes one choose a little more selectively where one will expend what little energy one has!) Continuing on!

The worthiness of my spent time and energy was then put under the Spiritual microscope, and the battle began! I know I will give an account of my resources. How I spent and used what I was given.

Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

So does this responsibility apply to this blog? Of course it does. In the grand scheme of things, I cannot see this past time of mine changing the Earth's orbital spin, but I do know a few of the people that read it. People I really respect and look up to in the faith. I realize, on their part, it is a means to gain content for their prayer life (as I need much prayer!) but still their time is spent as well, and out of respect for them (of which I have a great deal!) I need to make this all worth it somehow!

So where am I going with this? Just that I try to let the Lord lead what will be posted. My goal is to make a lasting journal for our family, and invite you all to enjoy it with us. And Thank you for the support!

Enter widget land with all these neat applications, and flickr, and google, all sorts of ways that people I have never and may never meet can stumble on in. What about those poor souls that don't have the benefit (?) of actually knowing me in order to understand so much of the silliness they experience here? Should I put a warning on the top of the page? "Enter at your own risk!" kind of thing?

I have a readership that extends to Mauritius, Kenya, Australia and Thailand! (I even had to look up where Mauritius was!)


To realize there are people out there in the world that may use the internet as a means to have church! I cannot imagine the persecution they face on a day to day basis because of their stand for Christ while living in a Muslim or Hindu steeped country. Thank the Lord for the opportunity they have to have "fellowship" -though not traditional is for sure!- but to be able to have a connectedness to the body of Christ that they might not otherwise have. There is a lot of cyber-junk out there! May this blog serve as a little equal time!

So while I may use this blog to document the steps of our family, I fully realize there is a greater goal here. If this blog can lift up the name of Jesus, He will draw men to himself! In this day of technology truly anyone can "go" to a mission field, a far, far away one, as well as the one outside their front door.


Kevin P said...

The world we live in is so much smaller... amazing the opportunities and tools the Lord has provided so we can reach and make an impact on more - for the glory of God!


Janice said...