Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is the season of Love...

I have a whole host of posts in my head. None have made it to the keyboard as of yet... I hope some day they will!

I had plans of a week long series of posts starting on Monday with the letter "L" and all through the word "O-V-E", each day bringing another aspect...culminating on today, a kind of spiritual ode to Valentines Day.


I basically have decided to do a post on the various brands of tissue, puffs, puffs+, kleenex brand, the basic gotta-use-a-napkin-because-I-am-desperate brand... Not recommended under any circumstance of desperation! But to spare you, that is all I will say! Yes, I have another cold! I haven't been so plagued with the sniffles in all of my 40+ years of drawing breath!

If you want a good post on love, visit here.

If you want another, go here.

They are from a few of my favorite lady bloggers.

I should hope and pray to be over with this "Kook-a-mung" soon. (That is the term my sister has for all illness- especially the head stuffiness and excessively need to clear your throat kinds!) And then we can get on to this regularly scheduled blog!


Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

Hope you start feeling better soon...looking forward to a new post.

Mrs. Vicky Smith said...

Love the new background!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look! Makes me want coffee :)
~orange girl