Monday, January 14, 2013

Coffee Cup Campaign!

We are in New England visiting a couple churches that are now more like family than anything, and we were presented with a (literally!) Big Check that was the proceeds from a "Coffee Cup Campaign" they began on our behalf. The church was impressed and moved into action after they read of the "start up costs" involved in relocating our family to Zambia. The seniors class labeled these cups and for several weeks placed them around the church to collect whatever people were able and wanting to give. They set a goal and by God's grace.... met the goal!! Praise The Lord for you all Cornerstone Baptist! Truly we feel like part of your family and are honored to go Reach Zambia on your behalf and for the Lord's Glory!


L!veLoveR!de said...

So happy that we could help you!! Love you all!

Dennis Johnston said...

We were the ones that where honored to do it for all of you.