Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deviled Chickies!

Saw these tonight on Fb on Sheila's wall (thanks!!) and Savannah was ALL ABOUT trying them. Forget that it is past 9:30 at night!! 

We discovered a few tricks... 

1. Cucumber bits work for eyes as well. 

2. You need to cut the bottom off flat or they are weebles and not little Chicks able to stand. Seeing that Savannah is only 9 and she made the suggestion, I imagine most people will figure that out. (Although I didn't even think of it!! She is a prodigy... what can I say!)

3. The top needs to be a little smaller than just cut in half... ours have quite large toppers! 
 All that being said...
 They are adorable ...
and delicious! Definitely making more! :)

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