Friday, March 30, 2012

Pensacola Beach

On our way to Louisiana, we traveled right through Pensacola, and decided to stop there for dinner. We wanted some inside info on the area, so we called our PCC friend Steph! She is a senior there so we figured she would know everything!

Well... she knew what we needed! We picked her up, and swooped her away for a gourmet dinner at Wendy's, and then went off to the beach!
 It was a beautiful night, and there weren't a lot of people there at this hour, which is a good thing! They went out into the Gulf past some tidal Islands. (My name for them! As the tide came in, there were sand bars that could be walked out on.) The water was warm enough to not be shocking!
 A fellow beach goer nicely took our picture. With Steph in the pic, it looks more like our family picture should! We by no means are saying she is replacing anyone (REALLY LIV!!!) ... but it is always a slightly incomplete picture with only 6 people.
 Savannah is trying her skill at crossing the great divide. Dan caught this mid stride... it looks pretty cool! She didn't make it over dry. But she made it over smiling!
It was a great little get away in the middle of a long day of traveling. Once we got back to the college to drop off Steph, we connected with a couple of other PCC students. Sadly we didn't get a picture of them all :( Next time!!
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L!veLoveR!de said...

Sounds like an awesome day!! Love the pictures. :P

Liv said...

*I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous* *I'm not jealous*
^^^Hoping saying this will make me feel better about not being there :(