Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lake House

While that is one of my favorite movies, this has nothing to do with a mailbox and displaced meant-to-be couples.

We are in Astatula, Florida, right near Lake Harris and the pictures to follow are from a home on this lake. It was a God orchestrated meeting as Carol usually doesn't attend Astatula Baptist , only sometimes on Sunday night because her husband's church of choice does not have a Sunday pm service. Well she came the Sunday we were presenting our ministry, and we were delighted to meet her. 

The next day in Wal Mart... several miles away from the church, (Astatula has no where to shop. I mean no where! I paid $5.98 for a gallon of milk to avoid a 9 mile one way drive!) Micah recognizes her from church, and says hello. She eventually placed us as "the missionary family from the Baptist church", and we had several more meeting points in the store! 

When we left we discovered we parked right next to her, and she had checked out at the same time as well, and delivered two boxes of pop-tarts to us before driving away! So sweet! And she was pretty special too! :) (did anyone catch that?! I have been married to Dan quite a while...!) 
Anyhow, she called us the next morning and invited us to come to her home to swim in the community pool, and we were more than glad to take her up on the offer. It is hot here!!  When we arrived, she said her husband wants to take us out on his boat!! All right! We absentmindedly didn't bring our cameras, but know it was a nature ride of Central Florida to rival a paid charter!! We saw several types of birds, all of which Carol was an expert thanks to her fathers tutelage since she was a little girl. We saw dozens of alligators, ranging in size from recently hatched to well over 6 feet long! Also turtles and multiple species of insects! 

 We arrived back at their beautiful home and the kids had a great time picking grapefruits, oranges, lemons and key limes off of their trees!! The oranges were just past their prime, but they still provided plenty of entertainment as they batted them into the lake!
 Their garden is beautiful, and Jim takes wonderful care of it... although I am no judge to be sure. Florida foliage is so foreign to me! I knew this was a bird of paradise though! It was beautiful! 

This is the back of their house, and Siah is in the right window with Mrs. Carol- I am sure hearing much of the history of the area! She is quite the expert! 

The front door and entry 
 Jim is a skilled and talented stained glass artist! He started because Carol LOVED kaleidoscopes, and was breaking the bank to buy them all the time! Jim took a class and began to make her all the ones she wanted! I should have taken pictures of them because they were beautiful, and my mom would have appreciated them... she loves them too!
A window in their dining room
 He has made windows for neighbors, the community club house, and family and friends. They are so beautiful!
Embroidered Ostrich egg
Carol's mother was quite the talent as well, and embroidered this ostrich egg! It was incredible! Completely in tact, and dozens of stitches all over it. Amazing!
 She had a few framed shell pieces like this one. Her mother loved all the lacy and delicate shells, and arranged them in this frame. I so wish I had photographic skills! This does no justice to these things!
It was such an unexpected and lovely day! The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, which is pretty cool because Jim and Carol are nearing their 80's!! I am so glad they (our kids AND Jim & Carol!) don't let age separate them from new friends!!
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