Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recap: For the sake of documentation!

In early October we were in Florida, camping in Blue Springs. BeauTiFuL!! It is an aquifer with water at 72 degrees year round. It is also a Manatee refuge where they stay during the cold months. The camp sites are more like a jungle than a traditional campground, which may explain the illegal transporting of native Florida wildlife across several state lines. I will explain!

Where we were camping, there was a very small area for the camper and we were surrounded by Central Florida foliage complete with creatures that thrive in that environment. This lovely creature decided to INVADE our camper.
Here is a nicely labeled picture with the proper latin name... we are if nothing else a home camper schooling family ready to take advantage of learning at any cost. Including my sanity! 
 We had seen a couple of them during the five days we were there, but knew as long as SHE didn't show up, we were fine. After leaving the camp site, we had stored the camper in a church yard for about 5 days while we were in a conference in Daytona. We were being spoiled for a few days and were able to stay in a house for the week :)
Well she did show up. They must have thought that a Springdale was such a lovely location for a nest and all that wood in there!  Complete with eggs. MANY Eggs!!  Our vacating the joint for a week was there perfect opportunity to multiply... undisturbed! :/

After Florida, we were in North Carolina ... in a church parking lot. Thankfully! I have a couple  reasons for being thankful for that. 

One: We ended up needing to replace the radiator in the truck. Post to follow! :) 

Two: They had a vacuum cleaner! Had we not seen the nest as quickly as we did, what a nightmare that would have been!! 

They poured out of that cupboard like soldiers in a war fighting for their lives.

They lost. 

I stood over the site of their intended home for over an hour, vacuum hose in hand and ant killing spray in the other. They were not going to win... I refuse to share the camper with them! They are UgLY! 

Now... the radiator! :) 

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