Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Ordination... a Commissioning... and an Engagement!

In Uniontown, PA, Bethel Baptist Church had a service to top all services! 
First, a great young man was ordained and commissioned as Pastor of a brand new church, Bridge Baptist Church. 
Second, new Pastor Douthitt asked his lovely girlfriend to be his bride. She said YES... whew! 
 Awww! That is one way to get the spotlight off of himself!
 Third... the preparations for the first service! Signage... check!
 Pastor Douthitt... Check!
Double Rainbow from God... Check!
 Amazing first service! Nearly 60 in attendance... and we are their first missionaries! AMEN!
 Charter members of Bridge Baptist Church, Masontown, PA.
Savannah made this on her iPod... Kind of looks like them, don't you think?! 

Pastor Douthitt and Amanda. So excited for the work the Lord is planning to do through them, and with them! So happy to have been a part of this special week with them! 

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Savannah Pestke said...

LOve it! Cute couple ;) What a blessing to be a part of so many special events that day! FIRST missionaries! YAY!