Monday, October 3, 2011

The Guys on the road...

They are all teens, all BoY, and all around just plain fun. 

One of the huge benefits of traveling is once school is done, we are free to travel to whatever is close and enjoy some things that we are not able to in Rochester! The favorite destination is anything with WaTeR!! When we were in Largo, we loved to go to Indian Rocks Beach. It was hot, and the water was only slightly cooler! :/ The guys liked to try their version of extreme anything you can come up with, and even though they had some very young eyes watching them, it deterred them not one whit. 
Little Braden and Bailey are twins, and children of a pastor at NTBC.  This is their first year homeschooling their older children, and they are all about field trips, and we were more than happy to join them!
I hope my boys weren't the influence for them trying this. It was comical, and they nearly had more sand in their hair that fell into their eyes than was left on the beach! 
 This is Josiah displaying his ability to turn the sand into a trampoline....
... and front flip. At least it was a soft landing! Well, kind of! 
Here they are debating their next move... or showing off their muscles... I am not quite sure which! I caught them off guard, so I will tent to believe the former! :) 
 Not sure what this was... I think a conch. When Dan and I were in Bahamas they made them into a salad that was more like a salsa with these nasty creatures chopped up into it.
 Levi made a good show of "eating" it...! YuCK!
 We were in Tallahassee on the weekend of the FSU and the OK Sooners game . The town was pretty much decked out with everything Seminole, and most every car we passed had painted windows advertising their school spirit. Sadly, FSU lost the game, but we were able to go to the stadium before we left the area. It was pretty neat to stand where just the day before there were thousands of excited fans cheering their hearts out for their team.

Just a few more perks of deputation! We are currently in Daytona Beach area and have driven by the Daytona 500 speedway. There are plenty of field trips planned... but unfortunately not enough time to do them all! Maybe when we come back to this area... for no doubt we will be returning! Probably the only thing that is a pretty much sure thing of this nomadic journey of deputation!
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