Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Memorial Lights

We went downtown Brooklyn to the waters edge that over looks the South Street Water front in Manhattan. The 9/11 lights are only used on the anniversary, and we were in the city this weekend. Not by our planning, but we were glad to be a part of this special anniversary as 10 years has passed. I was able to get some pictures, and although it was a very cloudy night, they had an etherial quality about them. I wish we could find our better camera, but our phones do well enough for my non-photography specialist self.
The pictures are from early evening to dark, and the clouds got heavier as the night wore on. 
Walking to the river front, I took this one through a fence, and the branch in the foreground looks pretty cool. 
You can't really see it clearly, but the Statue of Liberty is at the cluster of lights on the far left of the picture. From a different angle, I would love to see her centered in the lights. That would be breathtaking. 
Micah took this picture with an app called Photosynth. It allows you to take multiple shots and then stitches them together for a panoramic or 3D view. It is quite amazing. Maybe I have my photographer with me after all! Here you can see The Freedom Tower pretty well lit up in red white and blue. 
As the sun fully set, the clouds got lower and lower. They almost looked like a ball of light where the beams shot through. 
May the Lord of Glory so shine in our lives and hearts! 
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Victoria said...

Truly amazing!! Thank you for sharing.

L!veLoveR!de said...

I love the panorama. Great pictures! Miss you all! <3