Friday, January 29, 2010

We made it!

Our trip was all we hoped it would be and more! We had some sweet times in fellowship, reading and prayer.

And then it was playtime.

As it turns out, Dan and Kevin have quite the competitive spirit. Combine that with an amazing Foose Ball table, several inches of snow and mid teen temperatures making outdoor activities no fun, and you have the perfect storm for several series of Table Soccer tournaments, and two now-deaf wives. While the smashing of poor plastic soccer balls and spinning of little plastic men crashing into them generates a great deal of noise, it is the ear deafening decibels two grown men can reach while cheering and jeering one another that made Savannah and I cover our ears with large soft protective pillows! It was a great time, and we all were shocked at the aerobic exercise one can get from foose!

In all seriousness, we had an amazing time. The Lord met with us, and we will have many times of great reflection on those few days.

While it took us just under three hours to get there, it took over 5 to get home! All of the snow you see in this picture fell throughout the day we were to leave. We entertained calling in "snow bound" and staying another day (and in hindsight maybe should have!) but we ventured out into the night, and white knuckled it nearly all the way. For you non-snowy area drivers, just imagine driving at night into mesmerizing snowflakes for hours on end, and really having no idea where the road is on either side of you. Even the guard rails were not visible much of the time. Dan and Kevin made a great team, Kevin hunched over the steering wheel, and Dan saying "You're doing Great! We are still on the road... I think!!!" Just contrast the picture below with the one from the previous post. We are standing on the porch looking over to where the other picture was taken from! Nice!!

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Kevin P said...

Was a wonderful trip - surely will be long remembered! Savannah and I continue to rejoice over the friendship the Lord has given between our two families! Looking forward to many more prayer and praise time!