Friday, January 15, 2010

"I Didn't Know!"

Yesterday was a great day. It was warm... for our town in January. I had lunch with a beautiful friend (her treat... double bonus!) and it was the birthday of another amazing friend. I had an appointment for our puppies to see the vet for their official "clean bill of health" check and they are perfect. Yesterday was filled with things like that. Great Day!
Oh, and I got a speeding ticket. I know, what a way to ruin an otherwise perfect set of 24 hours. In truth, while I am sad my carefree moment in the vehicle caused me to be unaware of the 30 mph restriction on the road I was traveling, I haven't had one in 20 years... I feel fine about it... NOT!

UGH!!! 30 mph? Are you serious? It - no LIE - is one of the least traveled roads in the town I was in. Very Rural town I might add. I honestly thought it was enough outside the village limits to be at least 40. I didn't know it was still inside the village! I Didn't Know!!!

... the cop wasn't caring one whit.

I have a court date and will plead with the judge to reduce it. (Notice I am not saying how fast I was traveling...) I will let you know how that goes.

To my point...

I am reading in Leviticus today in my trek through the scriptures. Leviticus 5 to be exact. How good and gentle the Lord is to us! The whole chapter deals with sin, and how when one is guilty one needs to make atonement for it.

While I was not aware of my offense, I was guilty. The nice police officer was all too glad to let me know. The fact that I didn't know I was guilty really did not matter. I was guilty because there is a law in place on that road. 30 mph. I need to make atonement for my guilt. I am sure the fine will be hefty, and I am not looking forward to it. Not as hefty as this one, but that does not make me feel any better!

Please don't miss the analogy.

"I didn't know" wont cut it. Anywhere.

Just as on the road I was traveling, the sign was surely posted for me to see (...if I simply chose to be more purposefully aware of it) there are signs posted in this life as well.

I knew the road had a speed limit. I just didn't care to pay attention to it.

Life has some "road signs" that if we pay attention we will see them very clearly. There are consequences to every one of our actions, and whether we acknowledge them now or later, we will be subject to them.

Surely I can choose actions that will bring good consequences!

I know for sure I will pay better attention to speed limits. And I know for sure I will Pay Dearly for the one I did not heed!

More importantly, though, is we need to be mindful if eternity. We need to be effective ambassadors for Christ and make people aware of the ultimate consequence of death in hell if they choose to ignore the sign that there is a punishment for their sin. They don't even need to plead with the judge - God Almighty - to reduce their penalty. They need only Believe!!! (Acts 16:31) Their penalty has been paid, covered, atoned for. This sounds too simple to so many, and as Scripture says "the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness". Be WISE and believe!

Truly, Eternity is not that far away. And lasts a really, really long time.


Dave said...

Same can be said for parking meters!

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