Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Candy Apples!

I love making candy apples, and my children love eating them! I sometimes double dip them and then use the candy string to decorate them- so pretty! They are shiny and look like glass with bubbles in it! The crackle and crunch of the sugary coating mixed with the cinnamon-y flavor only to be out done by the tart crispy juiciness of a fresh, newly harvested upstate NY apple... DELICIOUS!

And just perfect for assisting in the removal of a child's first loose tooth!
At least her first experience was a "sweet" one!

ps. forgive the terrible picture quality! While I love cell phones with cameras- they really are not great shots! Where is Jen when I need her!


Savannah said...

Aw! Ha! toooo funny ;)
Little Savannah is a doll... going to be a knock out like her big sister!!

Kevin P said...

Save me some of them apples!!