Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Creative Mind...

...of a home schooled teenage boy! Just a small survey... should I count this as PhysEd?

If only it wasn't Tuesday!

This could be a late "MM" post, as this one example (...of hundreds more like it!) explains why we won't be needing a container to transport any of our personal belongings to the mission field.

This could also have been a "wordless Wednesday" as there really aren't words to adequately cover his thought process/my reaction to this.

Did I mention, that couch is the only furniture we have ever purchased new? From a retail store? As in not just "new to us"? Um, yeah.

Did I also mention that every one of my kids had seen this. Weeks ago. Not a word from any of them. How did he manage such "silence guarantee" control over them? He has abilities I have yet to tap in to!

*note- he uses my camera and puts it on my computer, but figures I won't ever see it. I am not sure what I think of that.

Any ideas?


JulieMom said...

I don't know WHAT to say. The whole skateboard mentality just leaves me...speechless I guess.

But if he does it for at least 15 minutes, I would definitely count it for gym class.

he was kinda breathing heavy.

And jumping a lot. :0)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thumbs up for siah :)

Anonymous said...

hee hee comment above was me
~orange girl

Anonymous said...

At least he isn't clever enough NOT to get caught! I tell my kids I pray for them to get caught every time they screw up so that they get correction right away and don't feel they're getting away with it!

IT makes you wonder why teenagers roll their eyes and fuss when they have to take the garbage to the outdoor can...too much work & energy? This kids got it to burn!

Keep the footage and use it against him someday when he has kids...he's given you bribery power!

This cracks me up!
Andrea Pitcher

Colette said...

We should start a club "The MOB"...the mothers of boys club!!! We need to stick together so that when we are all insane we can comfort oneanother in our insaneness. "What were they thinking??" That will be our motto. Although we will never be able to answer that question. There is no answer. THEY don't even know what they were thinking or even if they did...they wouldnt know how to communicate it. They would say something like "....." We say "speak up, I cant hear you" They would try to mutter something but I think it is in boy language (no translation as of yet). OH WELL.... actually thought this was pretty cool. I watched it a couple times trying to figure out how that stayed on his bare feet. Hang in there mob sister...boys are great (most of the time!)Gotta love em!!!!

Colette said...

P.S. Yes, count it as Phys ed. I use to count going up the stairs and running to the end of the driveway and back. Sometimes I even made them run around the house as many times as they could until they couldnt breathe and they just about fainted. (Am I ganna get homeschoolers in trouble for this???) Really, it was only me. I wasnt a very good PE teacher. COUNT IT!!