Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, as many of you know, the blogging world has lost a most faithful and (nearly) daily contributor, as the author of lunch time thoughts deems institute and family life as more deserving of his few discretionary hours in the day- and wisely so, I might add- but that does not change the fact that there is now a gaping hole in the cyber world. (I, for one, am myself completely over positive that I used so many more than would ever be needed words in that well written and colorfully descriptive sentence!) (Never mind about punctuation!)

Hindsey, we will do our best to fill it, but let me be the first of many who I am sure agree with me...get them papers and reports and street ministry done young man!

Now on to the main point of this post... I quickly ascertained exclusive permission to use the
phrase that is very coveted and often used without regard to the originators feelings "just a thought..."

And I have copied and pasted it here for all to see...

" You can use "Just a thought" :) "

And you will all believe me, because there is no way that could have been forged or mistaken for anything but the direct permission from the man himself!

Now why, you might ask, was I SO CONCERNED about getting permission? Let me explain!

Due to the fact that I bored you to death telling you, all of you know our dog recently had puppies. Because we wanted to sell them, it required that they be advertised. Youtube seemed a great way to do just that, and I made a cute little video, and spammed it all over everywhere I could in order to generate interest and exposure, thereby selling the cute little buggers as quickly as I could. Very successfully, I might add.

Actually a little too successful was my marketing scheme, as you can read in the following excerpts from three, you read me correctly, THREE!!! emails to me regarding my infringement on a certain copyrighted name/logo/title that I used in my cute and innocently made video.

"Understandably, you have used a name for your videos that others have, as well, and we have informed those others...

deleted some junk------

Since we certainly understand why you chose to use that name for your video (since we did, ourselves, years ago) we want to address you directly, rather than getting any of those "legal folks" involved at this point.

-----more deleted stuff-----

So we are asking you, please, to remove references to "************" and "***********" in the audio, video and graphics (including the title and text) from any material you may distribute in the future
Please respond to us at as soon as you decide those references will be removed from YouTube. We, of course have nothing but encouragement for you to resubmit them with our name removed, if you choose to do so. There are many names you can use that we have not staked a claim on, and we are sure you, as creative people, can rename your video, and replace or remove any audio references to our registered marks, in a charming fashion."

Those "legal folks"??? After I laughed for a second, I realized they were probably serious!!

What made me laugh even more is they emailed me three times within 5 hours... like they were checking me minute by minute to see if I had in fact complied with their demands requests. I felt like I was caught in a "comments war" loop similar to the previously acclaimed blog! My goodness!

I even googled the "offending title", (and N.O. I will not use it here! I would be surely jailed if they found me bashing them in a post on my highly acclaimed blog!) and couldn't find them, their company, their TV show... ANYTHING related to them! I really think I should email them just a helpful little letter, or two or three, and tell them all of my marketing techniques! Maybe I could get paid as a consultant for them!!

Wow, there are a lot of people getting paid a lot of money to chase down people the likes of me. Good thing there wasn't something important going on in the world!!

Then again, maybe they are just frustrated bloggers who get no comments on their posts and have had to seek validation elsewhere...

Just a thought...

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