Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Card Picture Preview...

I am not really spoiling much here as these aren't the ones we chose for our Christmas card. (If you want a Christmas card, let me know... I will be glad to get you on the list!)

 They Hayes have a really cool old truck, and the sun was setting with a great glow so we all hopped into the bed of it to try to catch the last bits of it.
 We were a little late in getting the full effect of it all, but it was fun none the less.
 Nick and Devin were our photographers. I think for complete amateurs who never even dreamed they had photographic skill, they did very well!!
 An out take or two... or 200 with a large family is totally expected. We told the guys "Just keep clicking!! There should be one that we will be able to use!!"
This was a cool look... I like it with the black and white too. The guys look like twins here with their matchy-matchy shirts. They did not like that at all!! 
 They get all weird when they don't like something...
See what I mean?!

Stay tuned! I will publish the Actual Card... as soon as I get them all mailed out so I don't spoil the surprise!!
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L!veLoveR!de said...

I love all of these pics!! You guys are such a good-lookin' family. The fourth one down, I think it is, where you're setting looks like Josiah's saying "Okay, now you get on my shoulders..." haha. Either that, or he's doing "YMCA"... :p