Saturday, July 23, 2011

We will start with the bad..

We have been in Tennessee since Monday night and the week has been amazing! We were at a conference for the first few days, and then have been traveling and sight seeing a little the past few days. Dan will present at a church Sunday morning, and then we will visit another church Sunday evening, and then early Monday AM we will head home to Rochester.  

Anyhow- I have had such a wonderful time! We have heard some amazing preaching and learned some very valuable things pertaining to our ministry. And we have seen some things that ... call me sheltered but... they shocked me. I mean really shocked me! 

Will you look at these?! Do parents think these are cute? Do they think it is a jOkE?! Have they no fear of ANYTHING?! 
 So very VERY SAD!!
 Here is their "disclaimer".

 "W.V. is for fun and if by keeping one of these dolls with you it helps any aspect of your life then it is a good thing."

Good thing like taking only a small dose of arsenic instead of a whole bottle. 

Then on the very bottom, it says "handmade this is not a toy" OK, then WHAT is it?! Exactly!! Serious and demonic and such a sad symptom of where our world has gone. Like I said I will start with the bad. I have more to chronicle the week, but I wanted this out there. We seriously need to pray for our country, our families, marriages, and children! 
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L!veLoveR!de said...

That is a bit creepy!! Love the comparison to arsenic, haha.