Saturday, June 4, 2011

It Looked Like a Good Idea...

True. We were gone for a month. 

True. A nest is very fragile, and the weather can be perilous. 

True. A covered shelter is a very good idea when deciding on a location for your home. 

True. She was very thorough and quite industrious. That was a Whole Lot of Stuff in there!  
 True. The eggs were so cute and blue and warm.
 True. We may have baited the poor unsuspecting creature with an abandoned plastic Easter Egg from a few weeks prior. Perhaps a "Birdy Vacancy Sign"? Or perhaps their equivalent of a "Space For Rent"?

But perhaps the greatest Truth... We USE OUR GRILL!!

In any event - and not to shock you out there with some ill placed sense of duty to helpless wild creatures - the nest exists no more. The eggs will for certain never hatch as they are splatted all over the back yard, and we once again have regained the use of our grill. That little momma is quite diligent - and testing Micah's restraint on practicing with a moving target - as we continue to find bits of grass brought back on a regular basis. We clean them out, and she brings them back.

I think we need to grill chicken tonight. Perhaps the smell of seasoned Pork Ribs did not strike a chord of  "That could be me!" with her. I think chicken should do it!

Not that I would eat a Starling, mind you. Much too much work for so little reward!!

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L!veLoveR!de said...

That's so funny! Nicely written, by the way. We've had quite the wildlife here at our house. Let's see...we've been having a fox come and terrorize our chickens nearly every morning at 5:30, we've had a bear bend our bird feeders in half and flip over the compost,and just the other day we had FROGS IN OUR POOL!! (who wouldn't SHUT UP at 10:30 at night)And while I was looking at the frogs with a flashlight, wouldn't you know it, a possom came waddling towards me across our yard until I flashed the light on it and went "Oh!" I had no idea he was there. I love animals, but that's a bit too much! Hope you guys are doing great!