Saturday, February 27, 2010


Having a little down time today, and I was browsing The Modesty Survey Results from the Rebelution blog. Very interesting reading!

I found the comments from a 22 year old man to be full of great wisdom! He referenced Deuteronomy 22:8 When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof, that thou bring not blood upon thine house, if any man fall from thence.

He made the correlation between the battlement around a roof top and the way a woman dresses.

A battlement is simply a fence or rail around the edge of a rooftop to prevent people from accidently falling off. Being the roof tops of that day were flat, one could see the necessity of this. If this was neglected, the home owner was guilty of the blood that was shed should someone actually fall and die.

Now the battlement was large enough to prevent accidental falling, but should one choose, they certainly could jump off by choice. Also It was also not so tall that it actually created another floor to the home that had no roof, or that the roof was no longer even recognized for what it was. Big enough to get the job done, small enough to allow it to remain a roof top and not another floor.

His correlation was made this way. Ladies have the responsibility to dress modestly enough to prevent someone from "falling" or being caught off guard. Not that women and girls should dress in burlap sacks and heavy parkas, equivalent to a new floor, and not a battlement. Actually some battlements are quite beautiful and very effective in doing their job. I have seen women who understand this, and they are stunningly attractive. Sometimes, regardless of our attempts to provide a battlement, some men will choose to "jump" over it... little can be done to prevent someone from willfully sinning. That does not mean I stop. Effort should be made to be modest- do what I can to not cause the "Oh My!" factor. I am sure you know what I am saying. My Pastor says "dress to be attractive, not an attraction". There are women that have caused me to do a double take, I can only imagine what a man thought!

On the rare occasions when we go to the mall- especially with our boys- my husband is conscious to either avoid that store front, or when it is impossible to avoid, the guard is up and attention is directed another way. Much easier when there is a fast cars show in the mall, which is the usual reason we would go as a family :)

We know we live in a dark world, and our children and husbands are surrounded by women that couldn't care less about what I am saying here. Giving them tools to help them in this world is what parenting is all about. BUT... they should be able to walk into a good Bible preaching and teaching church, and have a little rest for their eyes and passions. Could I cite examples here with faces blocked out for protection? Certainly. If I didn't block them out, you might well recognize them from church. That wasn't nice, but it was true. I am a pretty big believer in Proverbs 27:5. I need to work on my grace a little more though. Trying!

We need to be careful, and that is all I am saying. I for one do not want to be held guilty for the death of someone's "purity" knowing that a little extra fabric could have prevented it!


Victoria said...

All I can say is...very well said!!!

Ploner said...

Excellent analogy with the battlement together with the moderation it implies.

Fabric alone is not the only thing to modesty. The way a person carries themselves and interacts with others is another way modesty can be exhibited (or not). It's important not to erect walls around ourselves, but at the same time safe, healthy boundaries should be in place around appropriate topics of conversation and physical touch. I have witnessed many a modestly-dressed person be extremely immodest with words and actions in mixed company.

Janice said...

Lori, Very true! Another excellent application. It truly is a package deal :)