Thursday, January 8, 2009

If I had any patience whatsoever...

you would not be seeing this yet!

Alas, my exercises in delayed gratification were less than effective. Quite pointless actually. I may have done better with a test geared more for my age... why wait for the second marshmallow when I bought the whole bag in the first place, and for a mere .99c I could get another entire supply?!

Perhaps there is a the test for adults... "Wait until the prayer card is finalized before unveiling it on your blog. " YIKES! ... I fail yet again!

Here it is!!!
This is the front of the card. Now mind you it is a scan of a card printed at Kinkos, so the quality is less than optimal. We are still attempting another family picture- though this was the best we have to date! You all know the joys of family photos. 'Nuff said.

And here is the back. I told you here the inspiration for the line of animals on the card front and the tag line "Imagine a Different Africa" here on the top. We have had mixed reviews of the phrase. So let me ask you... my faithful reader. What does that say to you? What comes to mind when you think of Africa... different?

Perhaps we will put some phrases that we want to convey as our vision of a changed Africa. The one I think of now is dark, and not because of the skin color of most of it's inhabitants. I think of despair, no hope, and spiritual deception. There are so many people and people groups who have no Gospel witness. Even if they could read, the Bible is nowhere to be found in their language. Even if a native was sensitive to the law of God written on their hearts, the obstacles of geography and opportunity are so great. God will need to bring the Gospel to them. "Here are we Lord, Send us!"


Anonymous said...

I love it! Leave it just the way it is :)
~orange girl

April M. Benson said...

I have been following your journey, having been reconnected with Dan through Lens Crafters as well as through Larry Almeter and am so greatly blessed by your service to the Lord. Keep the card as it is ... I too see a different Africa one day!!! The Lord is going to do great things through youf family and may you find strength in HIM!

JulieMom said...

Maybe "Imagine a different Africa...with the hope of Jesus Christ."

Or something. But I like it!

Kevin P said...

I only understand the phrase because we have talked it over - the statement is catchy but doesnt clearly describe what to imagine. Not sure how to help - it is good...

Praying for you!